Marrakech Travel Guide-What to expect from Marrakech?

Amazing architecture with striking details, colorful debris buildings, unique mosaics, hidden gardens and magnificent Riads; the souks with their people who try to attract your interest and sell their goods, children and young people who will try to show you the way (in order to gain some money), women who only reveal their eyes, faces troubled and wounded by the desert but also smiling ones, elderly porters with an old wooden trailer for your bags and horse-drawn carriages, colorful carpets, straw bags and elaborate lighting. Marrakech is a patchwork of the old and the new, the West and the East.

The 10 best things to see and do in Marrakech

The Souks of the Medina
Bahia Palace
Le Jardin Majorelle
Yves Saint Laurent Museum
Le Jardin Secret
Jema El Fna Square
Ben Youssef Madrasa
Stay in a Riad
Traditional Moroccan Hammam
Koutoubia Mosque


Alleys in the Medina 

Le Jardin Restaurant 

Medina Souks

My basic recommendations for Marrakech

AccommondationDuring our stay in Marrakech, we had a plan which we called: Riad Hopping, so we stayed in 3 unique Riads. The first Riad was Numa Marrakech, near Place des épices, with lovely minimal décor. Then we stayed at La Sultana, a hotel that gives you an idea of life with… the Sultan. We spent our last days at  Tarabel, a Riad with a classy French aura. Most budget accommodation is situated south of the Djemaa el Fna.

Food –

TransportationIn Marrakech you can easily move around with the charming tuk tuk, especially in the Medina. A taxi in Marrakech costs around 20 dirhams. It is a good idea to discuss the price before you get in, as many taxi drivers ask for 40-50 dirhams.

How to get there

By Air: Marrakech has an international airport which is brand new (Menara Airport) with direct scheduled flights coming in from London and Paris and many charter flights arriving from all over Europe. If you are flying from the US, Canada, Asia or elsewhere, please note that you’ll have to change planes in Casablanca.

The airport is only about 4 miles (15 minutes) from the city. You can take the bus No. 19, which runs every 20-30 minutes and costs 30 dirhams (about half an hour’s drive to Jemaa el-Fnaa). But I would personally recommend you to take a taxi, which you could request to be arranged by your Riad, with a pre-agreed fare because outside the airport every taxi driver asks for whatever he wants. We paid 20€ (we were 2, so 10€ per person) because it was a private company. Normally the taxi fare is around 100-150 Dirhams but if you are a Pro in bargain you can get it up to 80 Dirhams.

Marrakech Travel Tips

Days needed: 1 week

Best Season: Autumn & Spring. Winter if you don’t want to see so many tourists. Summer due to the heat and the particular dress code makes things difficult.

Currency: Moroccan Dirham (1 euro equals 11 dirhams). Most restaurants and hotels, however, accept cards.

* Although dirham is a fully convertible currency, it is forbidden to export the local currency by law. Make sure you don’t have any dirham at the airport.

* It is forbidden kissing and cuddling in religious places and drinking alcohol in public places.

* The police and the army are banned in the Medina, so beware of your personal belongings. However there are policemen with normal clothes almost everywhere.

* Tap water is not suitable for drinking. Gastroenteritis is the most common infection in Morocco, either from poor quality food or tap water. Drink only bottled water, everywhere. Unlike tap water, there is not a problem with the tea, since all the germs are boiled and killed. There is also no problem in washing your teeth.

* Avoid visiting Morocco during the Ramadan period.

* The Souks close at sunset.

* Google Maps within Medina is not working well and you may be disoriented. The same applies to printed maps. Find out in advance how you will reach your destination, and put signs on your way back with the old-fashioned way.


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