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My first rendez-vous with Paris was in the middle of winter but blossomed, like a flower in the spring, into a lasting love affair, leaving an indelible mark in my mind, my body and my heart. Wherever I go, wherever I stand, I carry it with me, I’m looking for something to look like this. It’s like a passionate love story that through the years, it never managed to make its cycle.







Hôtel Korner Eiffel was for some days, my “corner” in Paris (My experience here)



Paris is my best friend that saw me change, grow, stand on my feet, can count on my strength, because, quite simply, there was no one beside me to use him like a crutch. Paris is my French lover, who took me by the hand and led me to all these magical places that seem plucked from a fairytale… In the Luxembourg garden, in the streets of Montmartre, on the banks of the Seine, at the Palais Royal with its striped columns of Daniel Buren, in picturesque arcades, at the most colorful street, rue Crémieux. It’s him who fills my house with flowers, the one who offers me romantic dinners, unfailingly accompanied by good wine. It’s him, in whose arms I always come back with the same passion I had from the beginning, but each time with greater love and awareness of what it means to me.









Paris is my mentor; He firstly test me for good if it’s what I want or the place I would like to be and then he showed me paths to follow that I had not even imagined, and led me to beautiful ideas, like the creation of this blog about travelling and discovering beautiful things around me, but mainly of My Parisienne Walkways, a blog that is dedicated exclusively to the city of lights (ok, my mentor likes to assert himself!)





But Paris is also my demons, my dark thoughts when everything goes wrong, or so it seems at first glance. It is all that I leave to be seduced by the dirty waters of the Seine, where the absolute beauty surrounds ugliness and obscures it so drastically that no one seems to finally observes it in particular. Where each time, when I am vulnerable, I smother tears but in the end, when I look around me, this magic that is called Paris, I feel lucky and full because I can experience the reality of Parisian days…




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À bientôt


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