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Checkmate! I am in the midst of a checkerboard on soft velvet, overlooking the Seine. I want to sit here until the Second Coming. But unfortunately the press days don’t have a checkbox next to Unlimited Edition. Not even Extended Edition. So the time that I have, along with my precious Louis Vuitton, I stroll around the Showroom not to miss a thing! Now you can tell me I went late October and I show the post today. And you wonder if I needed so many months to recover from the shock? Shocked I was my dear reader, but the cold and the frost that followed in Paris brought me back to my senses. The issue is that the Blog was not ready, the material was stored in this heroic laptop from where I write and almost was forgotten with other showrooms (Stay tuned!). A small clearing of the hard disk and voila I found the treasure! Besides, it is never too late for you to sneak through the photos into the Parisian Showroom of Louis Vuitton with the collection of Spring-Summer 2013. And yes you still have the time to add to your list!



Probably you get crazy when you see the monogram LV… I know, I know despite your efforts you have not been able to crack down on your human weaknesses! But for the first time ever the Louis Vuitton momogram was nowhere to be seen. “I didn’t want to do the LV monogram for once again” said Jacobs, “so I used the LV Damier squares instead”. The collection explores symmetry and mirrors and has a retro touch of the 60s that I like as well as the chess-board effect. I remember I left from that press day with an enormous wish-list – from the handbags, big, small, envelope… (ALL!!!) to Louis Vuitton scarfs and the list is endless!

Take a look and enjoy!

À bientôt…











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