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Between alpine peaks and heavenly lakes and two steps from the Disney-inspired castle, Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwanstein, lies a German town full of fairy tales. The holiday and wellness resort, named Füssen – located at the southern end of the “Romantischen strasse” and 2 hours from Munich, – is one of Bavaria’s most impressive holiday areas.

Our destination for this trip was Neuschwanstein Castle but our real surprise was this picturesque town, more like a hamlet. My opinion is that it’s really worth spending a day or two at Füssen. This is a city that really looks like a caramel fairy tale! Old colors in the houses with conical roofs, baroque churches, charming little shops, surrounded by snowy alpine mountains. A city that complements the magic of the castle.

Even if the castle was not so close, I would definitely go to Füssen for a two-day stay. Snowy and picturesque, with little alleyways, a medieval village feel, the Lech River with carefree ducks and hot balloons coloring the sky, the – over 700 years old – Füssen is a fairy tale you can experience in real life.

During our stay in Füssen we stayed at the 4-star Luipoldpark Hotel, literally a step from the station and buses going to the castle. Several years ago, the truth was that I didn’t care about the hotel I was staying at. I now firmly believe that it adds to the experience. Our stay in Füssen would not be the same if we had not stayed in this magical tower. We couldn’t believe our eyes when the wooden door opened and we found ourselves in a circular suite of windows all around so that we would not lose sight of it, with wood dominating everywhere, an internal staircase leading to a bedroom-terrace and a free-standing bathtub in the bathroom that promised a lot of zen.

It was very difficult to fill this room and especially the view of the snowy roofs and Hohes Schloss (High Castle) castle. In the evening the setting became even more mythical as the snow fell clear in the night with its distinctive sound. I wanted to stay there in the window watching it all night! And also early in the morning, the images that our eyes saw from all the windows around us were unique, from the ones you remember from time to time, especially when you are from Greece and the snow in the capital is not that common.

Two days later we left with a heavy heart and agreed to return to this dreamy part of Bavaria to relive the snowy fairy tale.

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