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Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some –appropriate- music on first!

Imagine the sweet sound of the wave stroking the sand, as you lie on the bed of your Cycladic hotel room while the crickets keep you company until you fall asleep. That’s how we got to sleep every night at Blue Sand Hotel & Suites in Agali, on Folegandros. And every morning the sound of the waves and the song of cigals was our natural alarm. 

When the driver of Blue Sand left us at one of the most beautiful beaches of Folegandros, we realised the amazing location of our hotel. At the reception  a freshly squeezed lemon juice was waiting for us to satisfy our thirst. Blue Sand is characterized by a boho chic atmosphere in combination with the Cycladic-style cement mortar. It didn’t take long to both agree with Silia that for the 3 nights we were going to stay at the hotel we didn’t want to go anywhere else, so as not to miss this feeling. After all, we had another 4 days to explore the island, so in those first days we stayed there to gaze at the blue infinity, hear the waves and allow ourselves to feel the summer magic of this Cycladic paradise.

The first night we dined at the hotel’s restaurant with inspirational Greek flavors that tickled our palate, in a fairytale setting at sunset. We clinked our glasses on this first day of our island hopping and wished this adventure was one of those you speak about even decades later.

We spent our days appreciating the beneficial effect of tranquility, the magnificent view in front of us and how quickly a minimal boutique hotel tastefully decorated can relax us. This hotel and this small settlement of Agali with the sandy beach on our feet, the few traditional taverns and the luscious café with delicious pastries managed to fill us with Greek summer and immense gratitude for the wonderful times we had the chance to live.

At our last night, the team of Blue Sand prepared for us a unique picnic on the beach with candles, fruits, cheese and champagne. It was something we had seen in movies and we always wanted to experience. We put on the most airy dresses and sat on the boho pillows, enjoying the serene sea that has bid farewell to its daily visitors. The next day it would say goodbye to us too, while our promise to return as soon as possible would be kept into its blue, until we could meet again.

A big thank you for the wonderful moments and feeling like home to Katerina, Spyros, Vassilis and Panayiotis!

If you want to experience it yourself, you can book Blue Sand Hotel and Suites here.


À bientôt      

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