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Pinktrotters στην Αθήνα

Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some –appropriate- music on first!

In the Greek politics’ fog of July and the “vacation mode” attitude of the days off to greek islands that happily followed, I forgot to tell you about my new status… tarataaan (drums!) as Ambassador of Pinktrotters in Athens mostly (well in Paris too when I am there). If you do not know what the Pinktrotters community is, let me introduce them to you. Pinktrotters is an exclusive global network started from Italy (Mama mia !!) that consists of modern, sophisticated women, always on the move! Travel and exclusive events related with night outs, beauty, fashion, fitness and arts organized by Pinktrotters Ambassadors around the world, invite you to be united with them, expand your personal network and feel at ease wherever you are on this earth. Your world is bigger than you think and with Pinktrotters it is at your fingertips!


And that was the key phrase that made me want to be a part of this team and do what I’ve always done pretty much. Trying to have different experiences and visit new places with new people so as not to lose in the daily routine, the spice of life that gives it this delicious flavor. The culmination of this new beginning was a Sunday brunch at Island C-lounge at Varkiza, one of my favorite places in the south supurbs of Athens, quite simply because it reminds me of an island! You can see the sequel at the following pictures and stay tuned for the next event…











À bientôt

      Pinktrotters στην Αθήνα

All photos taken by me

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