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How much impatience a person could have, I was wondering, while I was preparing my suitcases for my favorite island, Santorini, but also into the ship a few hours before I first found myself in a typical cave house, a must-do of my own bucket list. Because I may have already written about a similar experience, as I was lucky enough to have tried two different cave houses on this trip, but the first time you experience something so special is never forgotten. A frantic dance of joy, excitement, real curiosity and, certainly, impatience had been set in my mind and heart. A sign with my name and a Mercedes-Benz Vito waited for us to drive us to Pyrgos, the most picturesque village of Santorini, near Fira and to Pyrgos Kastelli Villas, a brand new complex of 2 self-contained luxury cave houses with jacuzzi.

They had prepared Villa Artemis for us, situated on the lowermost level of Pyrgos Kastelli Villas, where I immediately felt intimate, as if it were my summer house where I return every year to relax and recharge my batteries. On the table, we found welcome sweets and a liqueur, small details that make the difference in hospitality and accommodation, and they predispose you positively for this experience. Because staying in a cave house – in fact a real cave turned into a home – is a unique experience of its own. Inside Villa Artemis I felt that time has stopped for a while, just as much to enjoy the moments in the embrace of the earth. Especially in the bedroom, the feeling was totally peaceful, so I could have been together with Morpheus for hours without having anything to bother me. After a very tedious year, I needed a little time to cut off the reality I had in Athens and let my self carried away with the zen vibes of holidays and Santorini.

The whole villa-Cave House is covered with cement screed in white and grey. Over the years, Cyclades have developed a unique architecture which is found nowhere else in the world. This technique complements the island beauty and its earthy aesthetics and along with the vaulted ceiling of the cave house offers a feeling that we are part of the nature, this superior power that mobilizes everything.

If I had to choose my greatest pleasures in this Cave House, then without second thought I would choose two things: The breakfast, with handmade delicacies that was served on our veranda every morning and the hot Jacuzzi. After a walk in Oia every night, I was reluctant to return to our villa, running into the room, putting my swimsuit and dying in the hot water of the outdoor spa. I cannot describe a more relaxing feeling than this… the warm water relaxing every part of my body, the spa and the calm of the night that peaced my mind. Really priceless.

On the last day, we had the chance to see the other romantic shelter of Pyrgos Kastelli Villas, Villa Athina, designed to accommodate 6 people, making it ideal for couples, families or a group of friends. It has one bedroom in the attic with a view window and another with an indoor spa in the cave. There in utter serenity, you hear only the sound of the water and this itself sends you to the seventh sky of the most zen planet!

* Many thanks to Katerina Boutris and her family who gave me the opportunity to realize my dream of staying in a cave house in Santorini, they treated me uniquely.

If you want to live the experience, you can also book Pyrgos Kastelli Villas here.


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