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When, even for a few days, you can call a Cave House in Santorini home, then you are certain that the universe did very well its conspiracy work and Paulo Coelho smiles from a corner, rubbing his mustache!

Visiting Santorini is a dream for many people and staying in one of the famous cave houses, is undoubtedly one of the 10 things you must definitely experience on this island with the odorous beauty. In June I was lucky enough to have this unique experience while staying in two different cave houses. The first one is situated in the most beautiful village of Santorini, Pyrgos, and the second is located in Vourvoulos, a quiet hamlet a few steps from Imerovigli and Fira.

The hotel’s name itself, “Heart of Santorini, ZuziM Villa” made me feel a positive breeze, a feeling I confirmed as soon as its first turquoise door opened and I found myself in his outer whitewashed space; but also when the second one opened and I saw its inner dome with a bottle of frozen wine waiting for me on the table.

ZuziM Villa was an old winery, which had begun to dwindle as a result of abandonment when Antonis Birniakos transformed it into this magical place, but still retaining its most prominent features using, for example, glass and lighting on the floor of the bedroom. The entire cave, from the bedroom to the fully equipped kitchen and certainly the bathroom is covered with cement screed in white and grey, which is perfectly in harmony with the island vibes and the Cycladic architecture. If Santorini was not so beautiful, I wouldn’t mind sitting in this private villa, away from the crowds, in the tranquility of this small village, this romantic nest with a terrace full of lanterns and candles and the Jacuzzi overlooking the sea, only for myself.

It is not difficult to feel at home in such a place; it makes you feel relaxed on every corner. Especially when the owners treat you with great hospitality and make you feel really friendly with them. Extra points from a gourmand like me, because every morning we had an amazing breakfast prepared for us on our veranda.

It is amazing that the caves were created years ago by the Santorinians, who wanted to be closer to the sea because of the poverty and dug through the rocks. Today these are terrestrial paradises of coolness and tranquility. What they can offer you is a magical feeling that you are part of nature, that you are in the heart of the mother Earth. I don’t know if words are capable of describing this greatness, the feeling I had while staying in a cave house and having an experience that I will never forget. One thing for sure, though, is that I will come back, because no one ever said that when you realize your dream, you cannot experience it again and again!


*I would like to thank Antonis Birniakos and his wife who made my dream of experiencing a cave house in Santorini a reality and treated me perfectly.

If you want to live the experience, you can book the Zuzim Villa here.

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