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Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some –appropriate- music on first!

Our trip to Finland with Ping Helsinki, the largest marketing festival in Scandinavia, started in Helsinki and ended in Tampere, a city built between two lakes, Nassiyar and Puhayarvi, known as the “capital of the sauna”. There, we were lucky enough to stay at Lillan Hotel Café Butik. A hotel housed in a 1886 building with French country décor and countryside aura, situated in an area near lakes, with wooden houses that look like a country holiday and refreshing tranquility. And at the same time quite close to the Tampere shopping center.

Renovated the summer of 2017, Lillan Hotel Café Butik is Tampere’s first and only boutique hotel and the whole press team enjoyed it properly because we felt it like our home away from home. All rooms are decorated differently. Others with retro freestanding bathtubs and others with large subway tile showers. We went into each other’s room to take pictures and every space made us feel warm and relaxed.

But the advantages of the hotel don’t stop there. I would also add the beautiful garden we used to enjoy in the mornings, under the sunshine, the delicious breakfast served in the dreamy french country lounge, the pastries and the delicacies sold and the opportunity to bike. One afternoon, we asked for some bikes and wandered along the lake and into the parks. One of the best experiences of this trip.

A big thank you to the Lillan Hotel family for the amazing hospitality!

If you want to live the experience you can book at Lillan Hotel Café Butik here.

À bientôt      

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