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Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some –appropriate- music on first!

I love chalets. The smell of wood, the breeze of nature in the house, the feeling of wood under my feet when I walk barefoot, the sense of the village. It always gives me a sweet warmth and a strong desire for “togetherness”. Let’s gather around the fireplace for deep discussions and a glass of wine, cook together, read our books together on the couch overlooking nature. That’s why when the invitaion for a private chalet in Austria, Pures Leben appeared on the horizon, we didn’t even think it twice!

Pures Leben, translated as “Pure Life”, is located in Styria, an Austrian state, very close to Salzburg on the one hand and to the border with Slovenia on the other. An area famous for its beautiful green landscapes, vineyards, delicious food and wines. The owners of Pures Leben even own a small vineyard called Silly and we had the pleasure of tasting some of their wines at dinner and later by the fireplace.

We took the train from Vienna and after a journey through magnificent snowy landscapes we arrived at the station where they had come to pick us up. We had seen all of the Pures Leben Chalets on their website and were looking forward to seeing in which one we would stay. All Pures Leben cottages have a unique design, layout and location, quite a distance away. So we saw no other tenants the days we were there and enjoyed our privacy and seclusion surrounded by the beautiful Styrian landscape.

As soon as the door opened and we entered our chalet, named Stadl am Tunauberg (we never said it by its name) our excitement was overwhelming! Its interior design is the perfect blend of contemporary elements and rustic, warm details to make us feel right at home from the first moment. Inside is a modern – very comfortable – vacation home with an inner staircase for two people. Solid wood furnishings, a fireplace in the living room, and a free-standing bath-tub in a bathroom that it’s in fact an entire room.

Every morning a breakfast basket with organic and local gastronomic delights awaited us in front of our chalet door. Freshly baked bread, fresh juices and homemade jams are just a few of the delicacies, while every afternoon the Pures Leben team prepared a delicious meal for us, which we cooked in the kitchen and then enjoyed in our chalet dining room.

The 150-year-old wood adorns exterior walls and heavy support beams. The owners have consciously preserved this unique shell because it radiates warmth, life and love for tradition. Large glass walls offer views of the alpine landscape around Tunauberg and the vineyards of southern Styria. Next to the oak terrace, there is a panoramic sauna that I fully enjoyed with meditation music inside, a swimming pool (in which we did not dare to step) and a garden for moments of relaxation and tranquility.

I imagine this place covered with snow or during spring. Pures Leben is ideal for lovebirds, for those who want to (re)-connect with nature or find peace but also for families with children. It is an oasis of tranquility in the bucolic landscapes of Styria.

A huge thanks to the Pures Leben family for the wonderful stay.

If you want to experience it yourself, you can book at Pures Leben here.

À bientôt      

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