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Bucket list

My travel bucket list

1. Live in Paris.
2. Stay in a treehouse in nature.
3. Visit Japan during spring and experience the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
4. See the Northern Lights (from Iceland, Sweden, Finland, or Norway)
5. Stay in a Cave House in Santorini.
6. Cycling in Amsterdam.
7. An Epic American Road Trip.
8. Balloon ride and sunrise in Cappadocia.
9. Riad Hopping in Morocco.
10. Camel ride in the desert.
11. Safari in Gambia, Kenya, or Tanzania.
12. Island Hopping in Greece.
13. Getting into a favela in Brazil.
14. Dinner in a trullo in Alberobello.
15. Castle Hopping in the Loire Valley in France.
16. Christmas in Vienna.
17. Swimming in the Dead Sea.
18. Traditional Turkish bath in Istanbul and Marrakech.
19. Staying in a Masseria in Puglia.
20. Carnival in Venice.
21. Spend one night in a Bubble Hotel.
22. Stay in the castle of Monemvasia.
23. Learn Flamenco in Spain.
24. Roadtrip in Tuscany and Cinque Terre.
25. Stay in an Igloo in Norway, Switzerland, Austria, or Finland.
26. Sauna and swimming in a frozen lake in Finland.
27. Get lost in the lost city of Petra in Jordan.
28. Visit the lavender fields in French Provence.
29. Learn skiing in the French Alps.
30. Hiking at Machu Picchu in Peru.
31. One night in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, French Polynesia, or Fiji Islands.
32. Explore Iceland’s landscapes.
33. Vespa ride on the Amalfi coast.
34. Spa in Budapest.
35. Dance tango in Buenos Aires.
36. Touring Havana with an antique car.
37. Gondola ride in Venice.
38. Sleep in a castle in Scotland.
39. Getting on the Belle Epoque train in Switzerland.
40. Road trip with a van in Spain.
41. Swimming in the Caribbean.
42. Walking the Great Wall of China.
43. See the Taj Mahal.
44. Visit Meteora.
45. Spa at Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
46. ​​Traditional sailing cruise in Milos and Polyegos islands.
47. Swing overlooking the Bali rainforest.
48. Visit an endangered tribe of the Amazon in Ecuador.
49. Spend a night in a Beduin’s Camp in Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert.
50. An Italian culinary trip.
51. Gorilla trekking in Uganda.
52. Egypt Nile Cruise.
53. Get on the Glaciar Express train from Zermatt to St. Moritz.
54. A road trip to snowy Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.
55. Stay in a traditional cottage in Cotswolds, England.
56. Visit the castle that inspired Walt Disney to create the Magic Kingdom (Neuschwanstein).
57. Learn Italian in Florence.