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Those of you who follow me on instagram probably have seen that since October I have moved to a new house. It was a thought that was running through my mind for two years, but I was often absent for a trip (business or personal) and when I was in Athens I worked long hours away from home, so the search for a new home was constantly postponed. Until Covid came into our lives. The travels stopped and the work turned into telework. So I thought either now or never. And the miracle happened.

During this period that I had to stay at home, I had the time to get used to my new space, decorate it and enjoy its “warmth”. The latest addition to the decor is a gallery wall with what I love. Dance, horses, Paris and the impressive Parisian doors, the beauty of the flowers, the sea and walking barefoot on the sand, the spruce, a symbol of growth, fertility and maturity, which equates to the maximum expansion of all possibilities in the mental development of the individual.

I chose posters and frames of different sizes to form the gallery wall that I had in mind. The frames in black and natural wood tie in with the rest of the house, to create a harmonious whole.

The posters I chose are the following:

-Pink Door In Paris (50×70)

-Window Dancer (30×40)

-White Horse (30×40)

-Take me to Paris (21×30)

-There’s beauty (21×30)

-Dried bed (21×30)

-Footprints In The Sand (30×40)

-Swaying Reeds No1 (21×30)

Would you like to create a gallery wall in your home too? In collaboration with Desenio, we offer you a 30% discount on posters with the code LAVIENBLOG30. Valid from March 23 to 25 (midnight).

*Code does not apply on frames nor handpicked / personalised prints.

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