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After Folegandros, our island-hopping journey led us to the enchanting world of Milos, an island that does not look like any other in the Cyclades.

It’s like a magical land, where the Goddess Aphrodite herself touched its shores, so it has such an unbeatable beauty that when it “stands” there in front of you, you need plenty of time to allow it all to sink in.

It’s the volcanoes that shaped it, the pirates who left their traces on its lands, and the cultural history that was written in the pages of its book. But most of all it’s the sea, vast blue magic which blows your mind away.

The island of Aphrodite does not need filters, or unnecessary glitz and glam. It is beautiful in its simplicity and the majesty of nature, so generously given to it.

They say it is the most erotic island to explore with your other half, I will say that some of that love will be with Milos itself.

Caves, colors, flavors, aromas, Milos is pure love, and here are some amazing things to do in Milos:

1. Take an island tour around Milos, with Thalassitra (, a replica of the dominant early 20thcentury, traditional Milos craft, which will take you to the famous Kleftiko, the paradise of Polyegos and so many other beautiful bays. The captain cooks for you onboard, ten authentic island dishes in Sifnos’ clay dishes, while Roris tells you stories and myths about these places with great interest.

2. Lose sense of time between the paved, picturesque alleys and the traditional white houses with the colorful windows of Plaka, the capital of Milos. Built on the top of a hillside, to be protected from pirates, with magnificent views of the bay of Milos from its “balcony”, Marmara, it gives you one of the most charming sunsets. Do not forget to visit the sand museum to find out how many different shades, the sand can have in different parts of the world. The geologist Asteris Paplomatas, with such a passion – you rarely meet – for what he does, travels you through the magic of sand grains and his creations.

*Extra Tip: In Milos’ Archaeological Museum, housed in a beautiful neoclassical building of Ernst Ziller in Plaka, there is a copy of Aphrodite of Milos, which is currently exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

3. Take a break at Paleos. With an aristocratic interior and the most hospitable courtyard, in Paleos you will relax while tasting some (or more) of the handmade sweets, syrups, and delicious ice creams. Do not leave without tasting karpouzopita and sweet koufeto, the two exclusive Milos specialties. However, I previously tasted the salty, “ladenia”, of Kimolos origin, a delicious feast of bread dough, fresh tomato, and olive oil!

4. Feel like you have put your foot on the moon, enjoying Sarakiniko, very early in the morning, when it has not yet been flooded by hordes of tourists. Its volcanic eroded, all-white rocks penetrate into the emerald sea, forming caves and contrast of white and blue, just like the colors of our country. It was named after pirates who used it as a shelter. This lunar landscape is one of the most beautiful visual pleasures for stone lovers and not only.

5. Eat at Bariello restaurant in the village of Tripiti, one of the 7 villages on the island. Whether you choose to sit at the tables in the picturesque little square with incredible views of the sunset and the bay of Milos, the stone-built old-style chambers, or even the small veranda, this romantic restaurant will please you both visually and tastefully. The owner Takis Loukakis has created a menu from many parts of Greece and beyond. Note also that they cook using their own organic vegetables and they also breed freely farmed roosters and rabbits (which they make with mandarin and Vinsanto). Certainly, try the zucchini and his original ice creams.

6. Add some color to your day, with a visit to “Klima”, the most picturesque of all the traditional fishing villages of Milos and deservedly the most photographed. The multicolored “Syrmata”, dug into the volcanic rocks, which consisted of storage areas for fishermen’s boats during winter, forms a unique painting.

7. Take the road leading right to the beach of Fyriplaka and left to Tsigrado. Fyriplaka is a huge beach with crystal clear waters and huge rocks in the background with a beach bar with sun loungers. To descend to Tsigrado Beach you have to climb a rope and some stairs to enjoy its emerald waters.

8. Refresh yourself with the homemade ice cream of Angeliki in Adamas, at the harbor of Milos. You can’t just taste only one flavor.

9. Savor delicious food at Sirocco tavern. The father of manager Stella Tseroni, Stephanos, while walking one day on the beach of Paleochori, discovered that at a certain point, the underground reaches high temperatures. Since then, he has been wrapping fresh fish or meat, burying them under the sand, and letting them bake from the natural heat of the island.

10. Visit Fyropotamos, a small settlement with a beach and trees. At the right part of the beach, you will find the “Syrmata”, colorful and unique, offering picturesque beauty in Milos.

11. Swim under the caves of Papafragas, beside the ruins of the prehistoric town of Fylakopi, listening to the hum of the Aegean Sea. With turquoise waters and gray-white rocks that rise to your right and left, Papafhragas Beach offers a unique feeling. Attention to descent.

12. Drink at the specialized wine restaurant, Armenaki in Pollonia. The owner, Antonis Mavroyiannis, a certified Sommelier, combines his elaborately tasteful dishes with the right wine from an excellent wine list. Certainly taste the octopus with balsamic and rosemary served with quinoa. There are no words to describe it.

13. Take a stroll to Mandrakia, this seaside settlement with the “Syrmata” and its colorful doors.

14. Relax, and drink a cool cocktail at Akri Bar with a view and nice music. Some nights in the decks is Stergios Mikroutsikos, while the wife of the owner, Villy Bisilla, creates impressive jewels.

15. Don’t leave the island before you eat at Oh! Chaos! At Adamantas, Papikinos beach. In this taverna, where you cannot make reservations, you will taste traditional, authentic Milos recipes in pots, ovens, or juicy meat dishes cooked on the grill. The meat is their production and the cheese is from their traditional dairy. While leaving get a carte-postal with some of their delicious recipes.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Milos for the invitation and especially the Deputy Mayor Sofia Vamvakari Psatha, our amazing guide G., and the renovated Milos Hotel for the wonderful hospitality and for our car.

*All photos by me (Copyright)

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