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Wait! Don’t start yet! Put some –appropriate- music on first!

I visited Plastira Lake just before the summer, but not to round the lake (I left that for the next time) but for bike riding on its’ shores, hiking and archery in beautiful forests, Canoe-Kayak in still cold waters and certainly relaxation in the hotel room overlooking the lake (let’s not overdo it with alternative sports)!


Amazing view from Naiades Hotel 





Our location for the weekend was Neochori of Karditsa, a small village that lies on the hillside above Lake Plastira. Many even believe that it offers the best view on the lake! I confirm. Let’s thank the military and politician Nikolaos Plastiras who had the idea of this artificial lake in 1925, which was funded by money owed by Italy to Greece from war reparations. The construction, however, began in the ’50s and was completed in 1959, six years after the death of Plastiras. The lake contains 400 million cubic meters of water, has a maximum length of 12 km, a maximum width of 4 km, the total area is 24 km2, while its maximum depth is about 60 m. The water is used for irrigation and power generation.





The first day I had the idea to walk from the hotel to the lake to observe the nature (okay, to take some pictures as well!) and I came across some beautiful horses running casually in the grass by the lake. The spectacle was unique! It also reminded of something from Netherlands with wooden little farm houses next to each other.





But let’s move on to the essential! Alternative sports! We started with a bike ride through the woods and on the banks of the lake. I find incredibly refreshing to cycle in nature, observing around me the tall trees, the paths formed in the greenery, the lake surrounded by plants as if they protect it. I would prefer if the route was bigger, because biking is never enough for me. And if you read me you know it from the fact that I went on a bike ride in the middle of winter with snow and -4 degrees Celsius. Call me mad. I won’t blame you.






Afterwards we went for archery. This was the second time trying out the sport (the first was in Pelion with goals … animal imitations) although as a Sagittarius, I have it in my blood, anyway! I achieved my goal immediately (well.. almost) and I moved on the Canoe-Kayak, which I had in mind for relaxed boating but my arms almost murdered me after this experience. Some courageous fell into the water. I stayed on the canoe like a lady!





Whenever you go, Lake Plastira is appropriate for alternative sports, peace, serenity and return to nature!

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À bientôt


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